Add more than just an experience on your resume

Looking for a new professional project? You would like to join a Group with human-centered values where you will have the means to get things moving and be fulfilled? 

DESCOURS & CABAUD offers you a welcoming work environment where listening and helping colleagues is key, so that everyone can contribute and be proactive on their own and collectively. Our teams reinvent themselves everyday to facilitate employees well-being as well as clients satisfaction over the years. 

In one of our agencies or at headquarters, you will benefit from a good work-life balance and the trust of your colleagues and management to accomplish your missions and advance in your career. 

Starting today, join our teams and start a new fulfilling career! 


You would like to change career to discover the fields of sales and distribution? Here is a great opportunity!

DESCOURS & CABAUD will guide you through this new professional life thanks to our professional campus, Tech’up, based in Lyon city center, which offers several training programs to teach you everything you need to know to do your job! 

Joining Tech’up you will follow a professionalizing training to learn your job both on the campus, taught by our experts, and in the field, as part of one of our local agencies. Fully onboarded in a small promotion, you will benefit from a personalized course, on the campus and digitally. Our programs will give you the chance to become an expert, as a shop adviser or a sales representative. 

More than an experience, Tech’up is an operational booster to start your new job and career with great perspectives ahead of you!

Tech’up metrics

  • 700 square meters of training spaces in the heart of Lyon
  • More than 45 years of existence 
  • 1 436 apprentices trained since its creation 
  • 7 training rooms
  • 1 digital platform with quizzes and e-learnings
  • 1 digital database 
  • 3 types of teachers: experts from the Group, manufacturers or specialized consultants


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