We build the future, starting with yours.

At DESCOURS & CABAUD, we like to think that we can be both professional and close to our clients. Here is why you should join us!


Become actor of your career 

Take the opportunity to give a new perspective to your career, whatever your experience. We encourage skills development and offer a lot of training programs to enable you to advance in your career in the Group.  

Thanks to our extensive network of agencies and the variety of our expertises, we benefit from a broad range of mobility opportunities, in terms of location, sectors and jobs. The diversity of our missions will give new impetus to your career and professional goals.

Because building also means building yourself. 


Grow in a cheerful environment  

Solidarity, goodwill and sharing drive the family-oriented culture that animates DESCOURS & CABAUD. 

You will grow among colleagues who are passionate about their jobs and attentive to the work-life balance of everyone. At their contact, you will get the opportunity to gain new skills thanks to our collective sense of sharing. This mindset assures stability and confidence in the future for each of our employees.

Because growing also means helping to grow. 


Rise to motivating challenges

We favor the entrepreneurial freedom of all our employees and their autonomy to achieve excellence. Each of us is driven by the will to complete their mission and push their client as high as possible. 

This audacity and ambition to get things moving boost the quick transformations  of our Group, which reinvents itself for the sake of its clients and teams.  

Modernization, digitalisation and unification are some of the big projects led by the Group to give its employees the means to act with agility and performance.

Because performing also means transforming. 


Now, what are you waiting for to join us?


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