A genuine network

The close and friendly relationship between our staff and customers is no accident, but instead results from successful long-term business relationships.
For more than two centuries, our company has constantly expanded thanks to our collective dynamism, based on entrepreneurial freedom. By combining a passion for the job and our shared values, we have built up a solid organisational structure, a strong brand, and a united group, which is a leader in its market. We also owe these achievements to the day-to-day commitment shown by our 14,000 employees, who are always ready to provide technical solutions for the specific requirements of more than 450,000 customers. Our company’s strength also lies in our network-based organisation, in which human relationships and proximity are encouraged and seen as valuable sources of performance. Our strong team spirit encourages everyone to achieve their full potential, stimulating enterprise and individual initiative, which benefits the group. It is by adopting this determined and distinctive mindset and by encouraging ambition within the company that we have acquired a unique position in the marketplace. Being vigilant when it comes to anticipating future needs and operating as closely as possible to our customers, not just when things go well but also when difficulties arise. That’s what it means to be a network… a real one!


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