DESCOURS & CABAUD’s social and environmental commitments

  • Strong values and ethics

The Group’s values naturally match the need to simultaneously take account of economic efficiency, social equity, and environmental quality. Its growth is achieved in line with its demanding values in terms of respect for people, honesty, professionalism, integrity, and fairness.

  • Skills development

In the tech’up Vocational University, DESCOURS & CABAUD’s staff receive specific training to improve their skills and to help them get on in their chosen line of work. Always on the lookout for new talent, the tech’up campus enables young graduates to learn more about the Group’s activities, and to be ready to take up the challenges of tomorrow.

  • The nature of our product range

Our product range is comprised of responsible products, whose social and environmental impacts are carefully controlled, from their design and production, during their use and right through to their final elimination.

  • Waste processing

The waste from our activities (steel, packaging, etc.) is sorted and recycled.
Waste produced by our customers is collected in store (miscellaneous electrical equipment, batteries, etc.).

  • Transport and logistics

The consumption of energy and fuel is kept to a minimum through the use of eco-driving techniques, balanced delivery rounds, the choice of energy-efficient vehicles and the development of storage platforms.

  • Occupational health and safety

We are strongly committed to taking all necessary measures to guarantee the best possible protection for the health and safety of our staff in the working environment, by introducing a risk prevention policy and by constantly monitoring this and ensuring that it is being correctly applied.


DESCOURS & CABAUD’s tech’up Vocational University gives each employee the possibility to improve their professional skills thanks to ongoing training, in addition to providing valuable support for those joining us.

Key data :

  • Between 50,000 and 80,000 hours’ training dispensed depending on the year
  • More than 4,500 trainees


Tech’up is both a skills development centre for our existing staff and a Campus for our Young Talents.

  • The Skills Development Centre

Tech’up supports you throughout your career with numerous training courses in various fields.
170 training courses are proposed in the training catalogue: Business and Communication, Sales techniques, Product techniques, Management, Personal development, Safety

  • The Campus

The Tech’up Campus enables you to train in the DESCOURS & CABAUD group’s core business activities, with extensive support adapted to your particular job.
Lasting 9 months, this training is provided on a sandwich basis with 15 days’ training on the Campus and 15 days’ practical work in one of our sales offices.
Several career routes are proposed: In-store salesperson, Itinerant Sales Representative, Sedentary Sales Representative and Telephone-sales Representative, with sector-specific specialities according to your posting (industry, construction, plumbers, administration, metalworkers, etc.).


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