Entrepreneurial freedom lies at the heart of our management principles

For more than two centuries, the independent, family-owned group of Descours & Cabaud has been imbued by the winning spirit of its founders, passed down from generation to generation.

This entrepreneurial vision has shaped its history and continues to guide the company, which is firmly of the view that there can be no value creation without entrepreneurial freedom.

From the outset, it is this entrepreneurial freedom that has allowed us to anticipate major changes in the market, to adapt with agility and to offer our customers the solutions of tomorrow.


For a united, transparent and daring group

If entrepreneurial freedom lies at the heart of our management principles, it is because a group that moves forward is a united group, one which places its trust in the men and women who comprise it, and which gives priority to action.

This entrepreneurial freedom is based on 3 fundamental values, seen as profoundly transformative for our group:


The complex and competitive environment in which we operate requires strong cohesion and an unfailing team spirit at the service of our customers. This cohesion is underpinned by mobilisation of the energy and talents of each individual around a shared ambition, continuous collaboration between teams, respect for the decisions and undertakings of stakeholders, and solidarity in success as in adversity.


There can be no unity without trust and no trust without transparency.
Transparency as to the objectives and the roadmap at all levels of the company. Transparency in action: say what you do, do what you say.
Transparency in results, with the ability to learn from both successes and failures.

A group that demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit is a group that offers considerable freedom of action. That is why we give every opportunity to men and women who dare to question themselves, challenge the status quo and turn a constraint into an opportunity. We encourage them to take the initiative and experiment while accepting the right to make mistakes, which is inherent to any action. Finally, we encourage openness towards the outside world and the exploration of new territories so as to more effectively reinvent ourselves and adapt.


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